Paper Plane Yoga

1855 Harvard Avenue 

College Park, GA


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Hello, Beautiful Spirits it's Libra season! This week, put yourself in the path of beauty as Venus the goddess of love presides over this sign and Saturday’s new moon. We're coming together to join in a guided meditation with live music, libations and light food. Think: art galleries, yoga, meditation, scenic gardens, or beautifully-made clothing, amazing food with vibrant colors topped off by delicious teas, & kombucha. Relationships catch the spotlight this week so before you tie your wagon to someone else’s, read the synopsis of their story, because they'll be co-writing yours. Do you amplify each other, are you heading toward the same sunset? Libra season is as much about saying no thanks as saying yes please. Be sure to weigh all sides. Join us for this moving Chakra balancing experience... $20 advance $25 at the door...Go to and sign up for this unforgettable moving experience.

Libra New Moon Celebration