About Us

We are excited to offer 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Paper Plane Yoga starting in June 2017. For those of you interested in becoming a certified yoga teacher this is a great opportunity for you to do this amazing training and life transforming experience! This is a SlowFlow 12-month YTT curriculum. See link for dates; then enroll NOW. Tr Go to http://www.yogaonthemove.org/certifications.html to register. 

Our mission is to help you become the healthiest person that you can.

A Driving Force of Fitness Experience

Why Become A Yoga Coach or Certified Yoga Teacher?

                                     *  Maybe it's time for you to take your practice to the next level.

                                     *  Maybe it's time for you to gather new healing techniques to keep your body/mind and spirit aligned.

                                     *  Maybe it's time for you to be around like minded individuals looking to learn something new.

                                     *  Maybe it's time for you to inspire others.

                                     *  Maybe it's time for you to GET CERTIFIED!