About Us

We are excited to offer 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Paper Plane Yoga was established on June 2017. Training is headed by yoga instructor, Tonya Bennett, RYT 500 of Yoga on The Move, LLC. For those of you interested in becoming a certified yoga teacher this is a great opportunity for you to do this amazing training and life transforming experience! This is a SlowFlow 12-month YTT curriculum. See link for dates; then enroll NOW. Go to http://www.yogaonthemove.org/certifications.html to register. 

Our mission is to help you become the healthiest person that you can.

A Driving Force of Fitness Experience

Why Become A Yoga Coach or Certified Yoga Teacher?

                                     *  Maybe it's time for you to take your practice to the next level.

                                     *  Maybe it's time for you to gather new healing techniques to keep your body/mind and spirit aligned.

                                     *  Maybe it's time for you to be around like minded individuals looking to learn something new.

                                     *  Maybe it's time for you to inspire others.

                                     *  Maybe it's time for you to GET CERTIFIED!